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WeCanReason Webinar Series Wednesday, August 23, 7:00 pm

Controversial Conversations

video of a conversation between Peter Boghossian and Douglas Murray

followed by discussion

Unfortunately, the previously announced webinar on Congenial Conversations must be postponed. Not wanting to cancel the event entirely, we decided to find a video on conversations. Recently, I've been enjoying videos of Peter Boghossian, author of How to Have Impossible Conversations, in conversation with a variety of people. He had an especially interesting conversation with Douglas Murray, author of The War on the West, which the Book Club is reading this month. They touched on many controversial topics of the day. After watching the video, we will have a discussion on how we think that they handled the controversial issues and how we would handle them if we were to have such a conversation. To join us and add to the controversy, click on at 7:00 pm on Wednesday.

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