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Meet the speaker - Courtney Heard

In the second post of our series about the speakers at the Western Canadian Conference 2023 we will tell you a little about Courtney Heard.

Courtney Heard is the host of the Q-Dropped Podcast, featuring stories of relationships torn apart by QAnon. She has been an active and outspoken member of the online atheist community since 2014, when she launched her blog, Born and raised secular in British Columbia, she has never been religious but has found the sudden increase of conspiratorial thinking in the mainstream discourse unsettling. She has dedicated much of her free time to telling the stories of people who have lost a loved one to QAnon because her own parents have been lost down the same rabbit hole. You can hear the latest episodes of the Q-Dropped Podcast HERE, and find her on Twitter as @godless_mom

Courtney’s talk will be “No, It’s Not Just A Difference of Opinion

I hope you will have a chance to meet her in person at the Western Canadian Conference 2023. Join us, buy your ticket now.


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