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How's your data doing? Data Privacy Week is here, and why it's important

Data Privacy Week this year will be between January 22 and 28. It's a great opportunity for us, regular people that just want want to use our phones, social media, and whatever else we can do with the technology we have available, to think about the trade-offs we are willing to accept for our convenience, which most of the time we are unaware of. This article from the National Cybersecurity Alliance can help you with that.

We need to understand that our data are collected all the time, from all devices we use - phones, computers, watches, tags, cars, TVs, you name it - but we can make choices that can help us improve our privacy and, most importantly, how our data are shared. For this, I'll point again to the National Cybersecurity Alliance article I mentioned above.

One final point I want to make is that we need to make sure our children are becoming aware of this issue as early as possible, and for this I point you to this excellent training material from Media Smarts called Wacky Media Songs: Privacy and Security. It's composed of training videos directed to children grades K to 3, but, being honest with you, they are lovely and I had a lot of fun going through them.

Keep safe!


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