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Demystifying AI: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Understanding AI and helping youth make the most of it

By Melissa Racine, Media Education Specialist, and Tricia Grant, Director of Marketing and Communications at MediaSmarts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, but do we really understand it? Melissa Racine and Tricia Grant break down key AI terms, such as algorithms and generative AI, and emphasize the importance of responsible use, especially for kids. They highlight the potential biases and ethical concerns associated with AI and provide practical tips for guiding children in using AI tools responsibly. The authors also address the rise of deepfakes and offer strategies for discerning truth online. Despite the skepticism surrounding AI, the article points out its benefits, such as fostering creativity and innovation, contributing to authentic learning, and making our lives easier. The authors advocate for teaching kids about AI tools and empowering them to explore and create while being aware of potential manipulation.

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