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Canada's Path to Christian Fundamentalism

Cross, Halifax, Canada
Cross, Halifax, Canada, from Pixabay -

Inside the fundamentalist Christian movement that wants to remake Canadian politics.

On a recent Sunday morning in Waterloo, Ont., pastor Jacob Reaume gripped a lectern and issued a warning to his congregation.

CBC's journalist Jonathan Montpetit wrote a terrifying - at least for me - article about a populist movement that has plans to implement "the most powerful political disruption in Canadian history.". And not only in politics: they are also devoted to limit the growth of LGBTQ+ rights and care.

I am not a journalist, just someone worried about the path our culture has been taking for at least 20 years, and that now makes me worry that Canada might not only have the longest undefended border with a Christian equivalent of Iran, Uganda, or Pakistan but also become something similar. We must keep our eyes open; these kinds of initiatives are like termites: when we notice them, it is usually too late to save whatever they infect.

I will not rewrite the article; you can find it on CBC's website along with a fantastic podcast from Front Burner. It was shared on our new Facebook Group, and it shows how important it is to share relevant, factual, well-researched, reputable information.

Take care.

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