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Behind the Scenes: Superconductivity Scandal Exposed

Exclusive: official investigation reveals how superconductivity physicist faked blockbuster results

Unveiled through an exclusive investigation, physicist Ranga Dias stands at the center of a staggering superconductivity scandal, as revealed by a meticulous 10-month inquiry commissioned by the University of Rochester. The report, highlighted by Nature's news team, exposes a pattern of data fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism spanning multiple research papers, shaking the scientific community. Dias' alleged misconduct, detailed in court documents, has led to calls for his dismissal, tarnishing his once-rising star in the field. Despite Dias' denial and accusations against the integrity of the investigation, the damning evidence presented paints a vivid picture of deception, ultimately challenging the trustworthiness of his work and casting a shadow over the realm of physics research.


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